Friday, September 14, 2007

Let's Think

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! How exciting, I feel so young and collegiate. I would like to encourage any thoughts of fancy that might help to build this campus ministry, questions about Christianity or religion, prophetic dreams or visions guiding us in a specific direction, all done to bring more glory to God and spread His Good News.

I would like to start by saying that I thought we had a very good, God directed meeting today. I believe the Lord could be directing us into something very good in regards to this "Storm the Dorm" campaign. Andrew and Jonae, please talk and get back to me with some details. All the rest of us, be praying to get more clarity and direction to see if this is where God wants to focus our efforts.

I emailed the woman about "nightwatch," just waiting to hear back. You all up for that?

Let's all be in prayer that God would mightily show up at the Fall Advance. If He's not gunna show, I go ahead and get our money back. As much as I love hanging out with people, I want God more! Something tells me He will be there though (sarcasm), so let's be in prayer that the Holy Spirit move and people's lives get radically impacted.

Also, please post prayer requests, encouraging revelation God gives you through prayer, life, the Bible, etc. Let not only make this a discussion board but also a testimony board as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, if you have any pictures or anything that could spice this thing up, email me and I will add it. God bless and have a great night.